"Women will never make as good a photographer as men as they are too emotional"

Maybe I am naive, but it never occured to be to think about the gender of the photographer. When I look at a photograph my first instinct is "do I like it?" and from there it's why do I like or dislike it, what can I take from it, what can I learn from it....

Now that I think about the gender issue, I feel that for me their isn't an gender issue, it's all about the image. I now wonder if people who hold the view that the skill/ability of a photographer is dictated by the photographers gender, do these people also feel that the photographer's race or nationality plays a role in the photographers ability to capture a great image. I hope not, I had hoped that people were moving past gender bias.

All that said, I do feel that when it comes to photographing children in public places, that socially it is more acceptable for a woman to be seen doing so that it is for a man. As a parent I would probably be guilty of this bias. If I saw a woman in a public park photographing children I would not be concerned, however if it was a man I would probably be more concerned about his motivations, is this unfair bias, maybe. Is it a product of the times we live in? yes I think so.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it was an interesting and thought provoking article.