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This article was taken to my attention in an argument in a Brazilan B&W group when I placed in doubt an information from a citzen of Croatia living here that the Efke factory was closed.

The Fotokemia site is privatelly owned, registered to a man from Sweden (this was also part of the argument).
The Swedish Fotokemika site has absolutely nothing to do with the Fotokemika company. When I asked them about it, they (sales manager at Fotokemika in Samobor) said that they don't care about it. The site is done by an individual who has no business connection with them, and they (Fotokemika) see it only as a good marketing - at no cost to them. :-)

As for the factory being closed - they had a factory in Zagreb, (almost) in the center of town. The new owner sold the premises, moved the factory to Samobor (lot cheaper, lower local taxes, etc.) and probably made a huge profit :-)

So, the factory is not closed - it just moved to a nearby town. They've been operating from there (Samobor) for the last two years or something. So, it's old news.

Anyway, I see I'll have to make an official visit to Fotokemika company in Samobor and put up an informative site with photos and all - and with authoritative data from the company itself :-)))

I'll contact them about this next week, and I'll try to do something about it as soon as possible.