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I understand the concern about ULF film availability in the future. But really, there are more films available now for ULF then there have been since I started shooting 8x20 in 1992. Then I had two options, buy 12x20 Illford HP5 (when you could find it at one or two locations) and cut it to 8x20 or special order film from Kodak.

Now we have films from J&C Classic 200 and Efke PL100 (still would like to see the Classic 400 in 8x20). The View Camera store has HP5+ and Bergger 200, and even B&H is stocking the Bergger 200. Plus you still have the special order option from Kodak.

So, today we may only have three or four films available off the shelf in ULF, but it is still better then it was. Rather then worry about "IF" a film still be around in a year or two, we should support the vendors like J&C that are providing the films for us today. If they can make money by selling the films to us, then the films will still be here for a while.
Classic 400 8x20 has been ordered and will be available in a couple of months.