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Planning another trip in late August and this time I am thinking of shooting color in my 6x12 and 6x17 backs. The contrast ranges can we quite severe and the exposure times can be quite lengthy. So would I be best to go with a color negative film because of the contrast or go with slide film?
Go with transparency film, Velvia 100 would be a good choice (although I would use the 50), since you are working with long exposures.

Mike, you are asking the question like a B&W photographer. As a color landscape photographer contast is a concern, but not the biggest one. More important is the quality of the color (some people confuse this with saturation); this shows up for example, in the way greens are recorded on the forest floor, whether there is any warm cast to the colors, etc. Look for the subtle colors that a scene may present - in those circumstances, a color transparency film, like Fuji Velvia, will do a better job than a color negative film. You will find that many color landscape photographers will mitigate the contrast range using split neutral density filters.