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My only problem is a 50mm lens doesn't work for 4x6 or postcard prints. My enlarger head won't go low enough, so I have to use a 75mm. I know, not much of a problem really, if you don't go that small (some people want the snapshot size).

fwiw--the DII & D2V's have enough bellows to do a 3.5x5 or so print with a 50mm--you're right that you can't get the head low enough though. What I do (I have both models)--is use either a 250 sheet paper box to block the easel up about 7-8 inches off the baseboard. The only problem with this, is that your working room under the lens is reduced, so if you have to dodge & burn etc, it's kind of tight. btw--I have the reduction bellows for the D2's as well--it's like a secondary tapered bellows attached to a 150mm cone. Kind of weird looking, but you can make wallet sized prints off 4x5 negs.