I need to know, do the machines in most high volume autolabs automatically cut negatives, or are they still done by hand? I have a roll of c-41 ready to be processed that I had to stop mid-roll, rewound and removed from the camera fdor a while then put it back in and advaced back past where it was, which most likely means the frame spacing isn't going to be uniform at some point. I only question the place where I dump my color stuff off locally because if I ever try to squeeze a few extra frames onto a roll, the very last one will be cut right in half everytime. I don't imagine that any large semi-competant lab would be doing that if they cut by hand. I'd hate to have a machine keep assuming a uniform distance and chop every 5th image in half on the last 2/3rd of the roll.

The last local lab that isn't a wal-* that I know of in a reasonabel driving distance closed up about 2 years ago, so I'm pretty much stuck with mailers, or buckling and going to wal-greens.