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I prefer the darker version, and the rash doesn't bother me (but then again, I don't have the rash.

If you wanted to keep the baby light, you print it lighter and go up half a grade to keep the blacks where they are.

I'm not a big fan of diffusion under the enlarging lens, but if the rash really bothers you (not that I'm implying that you have the rash), you could try a slight amount of diffusion to smooth that out.

About that top corner, you could also crop it out. I think it would look good with a tighter crop, maybe as a square, as long as the image can tolerate it at whatever enlargement factor you have planned.
I love APUG, one reply says they like the lighter one, the other the dark and the third says something I don't understand

I was considering cropping or *gasp* vignetting (black) (oh no! babies and vignetting! I'll be doing Sears portrait studio photography next!) but then someone's hand is in the left bottom corner which makes cropping a little difficult without having a strange, mysterious finger in shot :rolleyes: I might play with cropping a bit more before I go the coward's route of vignetting. I think the babyheadrash is more visible in the actual print but I guess that's probably something parents would go Aw cute at (and the kid would go EW!).
I might try fresher developer too, I think my working solution might be finally going off after umpteen prints and a few sheet films

Thanks for the ideas. Back to the darkroom...