David Vickery
I tried contacting David Vickery via his "send E-Mail to" link on his apug profile, but it shot back with a message that the user does not wish to be contacted via E-Mail. On the Large Format Photography list, I did find a David Vickery that, like the one on apug, seems (to me) to be living in Texas. His profile there seemed to have a working mailto link, so I sent off a message asking him to chime in on apug, but haven't seen anything yet. (I could have sworn I already posted these details, but I didn't see it in the thread, so if this ends up being mostly redundant, my apologies.)
Jim Chinn

David G. indicated that Jim Chinn was next in line, so I sent him a PM. He just replied to me that he wishes to sit this round out.
Who's next in line?
I get the impression from this post of David G.'s, that the remainder of this photographic portfolio's procession proceeds thus:

kwmullet <- It came. I saw. I contributed. I can't get rid of.
David Vickery <- out of contact. Off apug for about a year.
<- I'm guessing Jim Chinn got inserted here.
John McCallum <- Are we here now?
matt miller
Bruce (Camclicker)
Mike Troxell
Gay Larson
John Zdral
Mick Fagan
David G., is John McCallum next in line?

Just for good measure, would John McCallum and matt miller each PM me their E-Mail and exact postal addresses? I'll also request same in a PM.