I'm building an 11x14 and was thinking about how many film holders I will need. Most people would say as many as one can carry, either in the vehicle or by back pack or hand carry, others would say as many as you can afford.

With roll film I might have hundreds of frames, with 4x maybe two dozen, with 5x 22, with 8x 14, with 11x ?. I was thinking about 6 sheets but I really don't like spending the time or energy on changing film, especially when I want to photograph. Then 12 sheets seems like a pretty long day with that format. So it comes down to a number that I won't run out on a days shoot.

This isn't necessarily going to be my primary camera so I am not done at the end of film, I can use another format and keep going.

How may film holders do you have for Ultra Large Format Photography, do you use them all on an outing? Any ULF info is appreciated. If I could figure out a a Poll I would put up a poll on "How many ULF film holders do you have".

Thanks all,