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Well, I tried adding all of the chemicals to the glycoal at 250F at once, but the result was not satisfactory. Everything appeared to go into solution ok except the sodium sulfite, and it would not go intio solution even after raising the temperature of the solution to over 300F.

If it is possible to mix all of the chemicals in one solution the order of mixing would appear to be important.

Looking over my notes, I see that back in June I was exploring percentage solutions as part of looking at the MS Amidol formulation.

"...prepared percentage solutions of KBr, sodium sulfite, sodium metabisulfite and citric acid in propylene glycol. KBr dissolves in Propylene Glycol around 230F. Sulfite (and metabisulfite) dissolve around 250F. Citric acid dissolves around 235F..."

I apparently abandoned the effort because I was concerned that the high mixing temperatures might adversely affect the Amidol (based on anecdotal information).

Now, I have experimental data that shows Amidol/PG can indeed survive high mixing temperatures (at least 260 F) with no apparent damage.

I'll head over to the lab and see if any of these percentage solutions still exist (and what the percentage is).

In any case, I can attempt to dissolve the chemicals in the following sequence:

Propylene Glycol at 260 deg F 200 ml
Sodium Sulfite 30 grams
Citric Acid 3 grams
KBr 0.2 grams
Amidol 8 grams

I'll post the results.