So I have this negative, scan appears below. It looks great no matter what size I print it, from a 4x5 contact print, to 11x14 (largest I can print), 5x7 and 8x10 in between.

I have an exhibition booked to start next February. The venue is a bank building. Most of the work to be displayed are 8x10 prints, with three or four 11x14s. I haven't been in the building yet so I am unfamiliar with its arrangement and where the prints will be displayed.

4x5 and 5x7 prints are intimate. An 8x10 is "normal size" if there is such a thing, plus it would be the majority size. An 11x14 is the beginning of the "large" size and can be a bold statement.

I would also think if this was the only still life in the exhibition, it would be an outlier so it needs at least one or two companions.

I can always make prints of each size for a comparative study which I will inevitably do. But before I make the prints, I'd like to hear some additional philosophical opinions on how to resolve this problem of print size.