Printed, signed and "stickered" them today to go out Monday...mine is another in the series of County Fairs in the Midwest (US).

I also wanted to share a little of what I've learned after being in a bunch of these exchanges:
I'm finding it really interesting how I am selecting negatives. I have a lot of negatives that I can make good prints from, but some of them take a fair amount of work to print. Beyond being a good image, I tend to choose negatives that I can print in one setting of the timer. In this case, I had the base exposure and a partial dodge in the middle of the print. In other negatives, I've has a base exposure with a couple of edge burns. I'm always willing to crop a little. Sometimes I've toned prints, but RC paper isn't the greatest for that.

I've also found that a simple 2 bladed easel works pretty well, but I keep thinking that I'll make a speed-easel for the postcard size. I keep thinking of doing simple 4x5 contact prints on 4x5 paper or as a VDB or cyanotype..., but I still have a lot of county fair pics I want to share! I still haven't figured out how to easily print out address labels though!

Anyone else have something to share about how they select negatives, print for postcards, etc?