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Like Kate, I find the time taken to hand write the addresses is a bit of a time thing. I tried to pull the file into Excel and print out address labels, but somehow it won't work for me.
To pull the addresses into Excel I added the line notation to the PMs. You will have to copy that part of the PM into an Ascii text editor like notepad (not Word or other word processors). Then in Excel in the open dialog window choose that text file and Excel will realize that this is a plain text file and ask for separators (in this case use the semicolon as a separator). After that you will have all addresses as lines in an Excel table. How to proceed from there ... I do not know since I am not familiar with Excel.

I entered the address data into my address book on my Mac. From round to round I have to add fewer addresses because we have a good amount of regulars in the postcard exchange. The labels are then created via a serial letter which I combine with the address data in a word processor.

I know a good stamp maker in Australia and I will handwrite my cards as soon as I will do my postcards on FB paper and have my postcard stamp ready.

-- Ruediger