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Tom, thank you for doing this research. What would be your recomendation for mixing without having a chemical hood nor a magnetic stirrer?
Alex, I would probably emulate Pat Gainer and heat the PG with a microwave oven (in a Pyrex beaker or measuring cup). A mixing or stirring paddle should work ok. I would choose a well ventilated, but not breezy place to do the mixing - and high humidity to keep the dust down. Then I would put on a respirator mask and my Nitrile gloves, measure and stir in the Amidol. Once the Amidol is in solution, the inhalation hazard is mostly mitigated. However, you still need to keep the solution away from exposed skin and eyes.

For cleaning trays and utensils use diswashing detergent (that will oxidize the amidol) and plenty of water to dilute, oxidize and get rid of the amidol its oxidation products (which will stain).