Ross, regarding their pricing I would have to agree. It is almost as though they take overseas retail prices, then add a 50% or more, margin.

I'm not sure whether this is an indication of their overall pricing structure, or whether it is due to factors outside of their control.

Whatever, it is interesting that you can pick up the telephone and order (presumably) one of these in our own country, with our own currency.

Perhaps they see the near future as a move to 4x5 and possibly larger, as a money spinner from reasonably well heeled amateurs. I don't think they are far from wrong from that aspect, but whether it makes economical sense for us to purchase through them, could be interesting.

With the rise of wood flatbed cameras being offered from China, especially the Shen Hao and now the Chamonix, at very sharp pricing, it will be a close fought battle for our money.

I wonder how long it is before some enterprising far East manufacturer, starts offering new reasonable quality LF lenses?

If it is possible, I'm sure somewhere down the track it will happen.