I bought a cold 5-pack of Feb-04 220 Agfa XPS 160 to experiment with. I SHOULD try some portrait work since I have people and pets in my family, but I've never been inspired to try it.

I really bought the film because it was 1/2 off and I just wanted some 220 film to try the half-crazy idea of hand counting exposures in a 6x9 folder (and not opening the film-counting window). The commitment to the experiment is there because I already have to 6x9 folders and the film!

So, what I would like to know is what other subject matter be good for with it's low saturation and recommended colors (no to green/blue I read).

Although not recommended as a landscape film I wonder it might be possible to get some of those misty images that are hard to distinguish whether they are color or b/w? I always wondered how that was accomplished...some people seem to like saturation when shooting color, even going to transparency film.

I would like to know if there is any advice out there in intelligently 'misusing' this film for interesting effects, before I just blindly go off and skew the experiment even further by mismatching subject matter with the film qualities. Architecture? Farms in the fall (brown grain/corn plants etc?)

Thank you