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And if you hadn't noticed, framing (even when you do it yourself) is EXPENSIVE.
Yeah Scott, I know how it feels!

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Let me know when you are back in town to check out the bank walls...

One thing I remember from the interior, it isn't set up like a traditional gallery space with long open walls. There are a few places where you can put three or 4 11x14s together. But there are also several smaller walls/spaces where one print would fill the area.

As to the still-life as a punctuation mark, tall and thin would do that. But to me, if there isn't at least one other one in a similar aspect ratio, it might look like an orphan.

If you print it tall and thin, got anything else that can print same aspect ratio but rotated 90 degrees?
Thanks Rob. I may be able to get there next Monday.

I may be able to have three or four still lifes that I can vary the size and aspect ratio with.