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I am a little bit disappointed by the Ilford MG FB papers which gives me too neutral grey tones.
Any feedback is welcome.
I have a terrible feeling that we'll end up going round in circles here and not be able to supply you with a solution.

I suppose the first question we needed to ask was: You are disappointed by Ilford MG FB, compared to what other papers and developers?

Or is it simply that you expected to see deeper blacks and whiter whites and less neutral grey tones without having a known standard to compare things to?

The problem of having nothing to compare things to is that your expectations might be more than any one paper and developer combination can deliver.

I think we can discount RC rather than FB delivering better blacks and whites as simply a quality of RC. If that was the case then in the search for the best blacks et cetera most users would have converted to RC. Instead of which most APUGers use FB because of its perceived superiority.

Give us your best scan of what you consider to be an unsatisfactory print but which is graded according to the Heiland machine and maybe this will help us to solve the problem or help us to make comments which will help.

Alternatively you can only try out different combinations until you get to the one which meets your requirements or conclude that in FB there is no combination that will match your requirements.

It could be a long search given the number of combinations but that may be part of the fun. As in the saying: The journey is more satisfying that the arrival

Best of luck