The Darkroom Cookbook lists it. The Film Development book gives a bigger write up, with a few pages straight from the Book of Pyro. I have never read the Bible of Pyro, but use the info from these two books to get fine results.

I have never got the full ammount of K to dissolbe in the B solution; I just shake vigoursly to get all the sediment into suspension, then syringe off the required amount.

I know that A to water then B should go from green to pale brown, and it did when fresh, but know 6 months since mixing the A stock and B stock it doesn't any more, yet the develper still seems to work well for me.

Pay heed to the warnings about staining, and wearing gloves. The only thing that I ever saw stained worse was EP/2 exhausted devloper tar, but it wasn't known to be as nasty as Pyro.