Well they've misjudged me, well-heeled I am not!

They do have a good tech on tap, though, and he is reasonable in his rates. He has done a shutter cleanup on a Voigtlander Prominent and a Yashicamat 124G for me.

The gun old Voigtlander camera fix it guy in Sydney passed away last year.

If Photoman ever gets their act together re 5x7 holders it's likely that Mainline will be the only source here, and I've bought 4 so far from Badger Graphics made by Shen Hao, from whom I bought the camera. I suspect that they have cost me considerably less than what Mainline will charge.

You probably know all about this, but Customs and Excise jumped on the Shen Hao and had the gall to charge me a service fee (and GST of course) even when I did all the documentation.

Regards - Ross