Okay, so I know a number of us are pack-rats here. Some of us are just too scared to let go. We drop not-so-subtle lines into other threads about our no longer available films and papers. To the effect of "Well, I'll be going into the darkroom tonight to give that developer recommendation a try with my panatomic. Do you have any recommendations on how best to print it on my portriga?" So let's just get it all out there. If there's a thread in the equipment section about how many cameras we've got and how snazzy they are, then let's have a thread about all the things we horde that aren't made anymore.

I'll start. Here's my arsenal, in no particular order of importance.
4x5: Super XX, Kodalith, RSX II.
120: RSX II, APX 25.
35mm: Tech pan, bulk rolls of PanX, Kodachrome 25, Ektagraphic (kodalith).
Paper: Ektalure G, Portriga. I'm still fiending for some Azo X, Y, or N.