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Has anyone tried using vertical baths for washing?
It could certainly save quite a bit of space in the darkbox.
I would have two concerns with using vertical baths. One would be accidentally nicking the collodion taking the plate in and out, the other would be being able to clean it well.

I rinse in the helper tray and then a horizontal tray inside the darkbox, then wash after fixing (ammonium thiosulfate, not KCN) in the above tank outside the box. So far, no problems with scratching. The tank shown will do full-plates in the long direction and 1/4-plates in the short. They double as storage boxes. Wish I had more of them built when I first thought of it. Apparently business is good now at the plastics vendor. They grooved the first batch for me from a cutoff for about $75. Now they want nearly a grand to groove a 4x8.

So, I use these in the field for the wet process and then build wooden boxes for plate storage.