I don't recall how you meter. But if it were a bright sunlit day and I didn't have access to a meter then I would expose FP4 at 1/60 at F16.

For hazy overcast I would open up a stop from there and for heavy overcast I would open still another stop from the first recommendation. If I were in shade it would be open another stop and in deep shade another stop or more depending on how much shade. Thus one could conceivably be exposing FPR at 1/60 second at F4...or more likely F22 at 1 second without filter factors to gain depth of field.

Adding in filter factors with a #25 that would kick it out to 8 seconds at F22 without reciprocity. A #12 would be around 2 1/2 seconds under the same conditions. Under deep shade conditions I would give the film 20-24 seconds with a #25 and 5 seconds with a #12 filter to allow for reciprocity. I would then base my development time dependent on the contrast inherent in the scene.