Ok, as the person who has been driving the MSA for the last few months I guess it's my turn to be miserable .... and hopefully

  1. this will be the last post on this subject in this thread
  2. no-one will feel that they have to prolong this pain any longer with a response
  3. we can all get on with the MSA.

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I know, permitting "entries" in the thread give a chance for Members to participate who, not being Subscribers, cannot post to the MSA Gallery.
This (quoted above) is exactly the reason for it. This is called being "inclusive", and I prefer inclusive, so this is how it will continue to be as long as I am organising it.

My feeling on that is "too bad". But I'll just go away because I find this "thread approach" with postings only 12 days into a 61 day period to be too "in your face".
As much as I dislike the idea of losing anyone from the MSA group, I'm thinking that it might be better if you do leave George. It's entirely up to you, but you are obviously not satisfied with the way it is run, yet you will not step up and run it yourself, even after having been invited to do so. You are certainly welcome back if you feel that we have an assignment that you can participate in without causing yourself any mental stress.

sign me "disappointed"