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I just deleted the photo from the general gallery which also deleted it from the MSA gallery. I didn't know that would happen. So I reposted to the MSA gallery the right way (I think) but it also brought the pic up on the latest gallery post thumbnail. Also it removed the link in my original message. So (should I do this I ask myself?) here's the photo again, I hope in the right gallery.
Shoot, I just looked and it's still in the general gallery. This whole thing is just too darned complicated.
Sorry everyone.
Not to worry Jim ... and there's certainly nothing to apologise for. Please keep posting and linking ... the more the merrier and while we would prefer that photos be posted to the MSA galley, it's not absolutely necessary. Anywhere that you can upload the photos is fine as long as we have a post in this thread with a link so that we can look.

cheers eh?