Ross, interesting about the Yashicamat. I have a brother with one of those and he is having problems, he bought it new a lifetime ago. Nobody in Melbourne wishes to really know about it, except one place and they are saying a 1 1/2 year wait.

I've passed on their details to him, we'll see.

Customs always charge you a service fee + GST if the amount is over a certain amount. Whilst things photographic are quite expensive here, it appears that we have a good deal compared to the UK regarding self importation. I also think some of the Scandinavian countries are a bit steep when it comes to importation as well.

I'm not that well heeled either, but you have to put it into perspective, this kind of thing isn't that cheap for a hobby, but if you don't drink, don't smoke and tend to stay at home in the evenings fiddling in a darkened room, you have a tendency not to spend much money on other things:-)