High snapshot !!

Ahh, that formulation looks familiar... ,I,ve posted a very similar one a few weeks ago,

And right, Hydroquinonemonosulphate has to be increased to 22- 24 g/Ltr. Watch out for the Phenidone, the 0,5g ammount I gave are only a approach. It schould be Dimezone-S in the region of about 1,4 g/Ltr. For the reason of the higher activity from normal Phenidone (A) a dose of 0,8g/ltr should be nearly equal. I've decided for 0,5 g/Ltr Phenidone because of the (desired) lowered gradiation...

Maybe you can call JD Photochemicals in Longeuil. Although Hydrochinonmonosulfate is not listed in her store http://www.jdphotochem.com/
Mrs. Vrana is a VERY helpful person, maby she can get what you need. On top of this she do have nice prices, I've got a pound CD-4 from her last year and including shipping it from Canada to Germany it was cheaper than here...