The rolleinars are closeup diopters. If you put them on you lose the normal focus distance. It is just the same as a magnifying glass. You can see things up close with it but you can't look at anything at a distance.. unless you have bad eyes.

There are three sets of Rolleinars; #1, #2, and #3. The #1 is the weakest so it allows the most distant focus of the three. The Rolleinars are designed so that where the focus of one leaves off the next size takes up. You will find that the #1 Rolleinar can focus to just about where the camera without a Rolleinar stops being able to focus. So for something like a waist up shot of a child you need the #1. But for a head and shoulders shot you will need the #2. And if you want to go right in on the childs face you need the #3.

It isn't as big a pain in the rear as it sounds. You get to recognize quickly which Rolleinar you want in advance. I carry all three in my bag and on walks for nature details I will most often use the #2. When doing a studio shoot I most often use the #1. Rollei decided that the most useful Rolleinar was the #2 so they included that in some of their collectable packages. They also figure that the lens is sharp enough that you can crop the image enough to make up for the distance of the #1, so the #2 seemed the most important. The #3 is problematic because you start to have significant parallax problems. You are so close to the subject that the difference from one lens to the other significantly changes the background as well as the angle of view of the subject.

Otherwise I hope you are enjoying your GX. Using a Rollei involves several little learning curves.