I've had a HorizonT for about 2 months and I love it.

I got inteterested in panoramic photography after seeing Jeff Bridges, the actor, interviewed on CBS. He had an exhibition of his panoramic Wide Lux photos, all black and white, and I had never seen photos like that. Wide Lux's are very expensive, $2,000US but there are several Russian panormics that are reasonable. The HorizonT was the 2nd version and mine was built in 1969. The Horizon 202 is still being produced and retails for about $400US. There's alos a medium format Horizon 205 available. The HorizonT usually goes for about $250US but I got mine for $32US. It was advertised and having a film jamming problem and was missing the viewfinder, not unusual since it fits in a shoe and can drop off.

When I got it, I tested it with a spoiled film and isolated the problem. After two weeks of taking it apart and putting it back together again, it now works like new. It also had some light leaks and the turret had been painted black but the paint was peeling and sticky and probably caused the light seals to deteriorate so I stripped it off.

My repair experiences are documeted at