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High snapshot !!

Ahh, that formulation looks familiar... ,I,ve posted a very similar one a few weeks ago,

And right, Hydroquinonemonosulphate has to be increased to 22- 24 g/Ltr. Watch out for the Phenidone, the 0,5g ammount I gave are only a approach. It schould be Dimezone-S in the region of about 1,4 g/Ltr. For the reason of the higher activity from normal Phenidone (A) a dose of 0,8g/ltr should be nearly equal. I've decided for 0,5 g/Ltr Phenidone because of the (desired) lowered gradiation...

Maybe you can call JD Photochemicals in Longeuil. Although Hydrochinonmonosulfate is not listed in her store http://www.jdphotochem.com/
Mrs. Vrana is a VERY helpful person, maby she can get what you need. On top of this she do have nice prices, I've got a pound CD-4 from her last year and including shipping it from Canada to Germany it was cheaper than here...

Hi Stephan,

It's actually your formula, IIRC. Thanks for your hard work in developing it. I already spoke with Claire but she is unable to procure this chemical. If you don't mind me asking, where did you get your hydroquinone monosulfate?