Hi all,
I'm the photographer that dirt11 mentioned in his post. I owned and used both systems for several years. Had three different charger heads. A slow and a fast charger made by ascor and this custom unit made by Albert Nye. The strobe system had the capability of firing 50,000 watt seconds of light in one pop. Of course the more power you used, the longer your duration became. At full power is was down to about 1/750 of a sec.

I bought my Ascor 807 fast charger from Joel Brodsky (the guy who shot all the Doors photos) and I believe photographer/filmmaker Melvin Sokolsky (famous in his day) had one that fired at 24 frames per second.

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have and I even know the location of one or two that is for sale.

As the availability of parts and repair persons declined the strobes became a major headache. I eventually switched to Broncolor.