I don't associate with other photographers, digital, traditional or otherwise. I still, every so often, run into some of the photo people I know, but they're all so busy being "famous" that they really don't have time to discuss or care to discuss photography.

I don't really care to either. I set up projects for myself and learn as I go. Two years ago I made my own book that turned out beautifully including sewn page binding, Japanese silk covers, etc. That took nearly 1 year to produce with close to 150 photos in it - I made two copies.

Now I'm working on photographing wooden boats. Something quite different in concept since I live in New Mexico!! But, I have some ideas that I haven't seen done so I bought a Nikonos, two lenses, and a water ski PFD and we'll see what happens in the next year.

I don't think you need enthusiasm for a process type (traditional photography or digital or whatever), but for the ideas you're working with. Photography is just a tool that gives one the ability to explore new (personally uncharted) territory. Don't even care if anyone else looks at the work, or approves of it, or makes nice ego stroking comments - it's about personal goals and attaining them. When I achieve them, I'm thrilled.

So much to see, so much to photograph, so much to do - don't have time to ruminate on the state of photography or photographers. I guess my question is - what's the point you're trying to get at?