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I'm lucky enough to live on the border of a huge national refuge. The two units closest to me are 2,600 acres and 1,500 acres. There's 14,000 acres in all spanning 34 miles. Once I have a lens worthy of shooting birds with I'll look into registering to use one of the blinds. I've seen one that I would like to use but it's not listed, nor do I see a way to get to it since it seems to be part way out into the marsh.

Thanks for the tip on Elliot Porter - amazing work.
Yeah! I think the guy has been forgotten for his work. Glad to hear you have good access to the refuges. Another tip, and David would be a much better source for this type of information, is set up a few feeders - close to the house if possible, and use the house as a blind. You will be surprised with who comes to feeders. This will also give you a chance to see how the lens you have perform at each focal length and what you might need in the future. After all a 300mm f2.8 prime lens can become a 600mm f5.6 with a 2x on it, which is a nice combo..and much less than a prime 600mm.

Also, don't forget that most slide films are much more saturated, IMO, than any print film. Everyone has there favorite film - just find yours.

Good luck.