I live in an apartment and we're not allowed to have feeders near the building. There's a creek and lots of trees across the road that are frequented by a number of different birds though. I've seen great blue herons in the creek, and in the trees I've seen green herons and woodpeckers. I see goldfinch, housefinch, something that maybe an oriole, cardinals, red wing blackbirds, blue birds - and many more. I see raptors on occassion. And one neighbor has a humming bird feeder up so humming birds are a typical sight. If a long lens and converter combination will give me the focal distance needed I can get a lot of shots from my balcony.

The blinds would be great to get shots of egrets, pelicans, pheasant and a number of other birds that don't stray outside the refuge. I will check into using the blinds.