Here's an email I sent to the Hasselblad list. Anyone living in California...please help. I'm still feeling pretty numb about it....

If anyone is living in California, from SF to LA, please please if you
see anything suspicious around pawn shops and low budget stores, I was
robbed last week at a state park (on Thursday @ Lopez Lake near Pismo
Beach). My car has been broken into and the following has been

Lowepro AW mini trekker (brand new, bought for this trip)
Hasselblad 50th anniversary 500c/m
50mm FLE
150 mm CF
80mm CF
21mm tube
3 A12 backs
crap load of film in the bag
my receipt for the bag still inside it
Tiltall tripod

another Tenba bag with Konica 35mm SLR equipment but that's not as
important as the Hassy's

I have a case number with the San Luis Obispo County Sherriff's
department. This was an crime of opportunity as one of the park
employess mentioned a cooler with food has been stolen from another

I'm figuring the people wouldn't even know how to release the shutter
on the hassy and dump it as quickly as possible.

It's taking me a while to write this email cause I'm still feeling a
bit numb about the whole thing. I've called every camera store in the
county including Camerwest up in Monterey. My fear is the take it
down to L.A. where "no questions asked" in pawn shops.

The 50th anniversary is easy to spot (has a chrome plate denoting the
anniversary on the side). Not too much of these around so if you see
on in the store with 3 mint lenses...oh man, I don't know...I'm just
rambling on...

I have the Serial #'s to the 500c/m as well as some of the backs.