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My question is how do non-pyro negatives work with alt processes? For example, will a D76 1:1 negative respond to UV and Blue wavelengths equally?
D-76 1:1 negs will work fine if processed to the appropriate density range. I have many nice palladium prints from D-76 developed negatives. Because they have a density range of 1.8-1.9, they would be impossible to print in silver. My UV densitometer gives the same visual wavelength density range as the UV wavelength density range for D-76 negs. Stained negatives, on the other hand, read VERY differently on the visual channel than the UV channel. My nice stained negatives with a UV density range of 1.9 only have a visual wavelength density range of around 1.3, which is very printable on grade 2 or grade 1-1/2 paper.

So the answer to question 1 is : They will work fine if processed appropriately and the answer to question 2 is: yes, D-76 negs respond to UV and Blue equally, unlike stained pyro negs.