Lots of links via Google, including a Chinese one (in English).

Not terribly surprising to me - Lucky did something odd last year/earlier this year and stopped producing a lot of their films. I was told by a Taiwanese eBay seller that they just stopped producing them (SHD400 and SHD400CN for sure, possibly others), were clearing out any back-stock, and were waiting for orders of 1 million rolls (not sure if that was each, or total) before coating more.

I picked up a few rolls of the SHD400CN (c-41 process b&w, similar to Ilford XP2 with a clear base with a greenish tint) - not bad, not great though - I found it to be less accomodating than XP2 or BW400CN in various lighting conditions. Haven't tried their "traditional" B&W films yet - it appears SHD100 is still available.