thanks Ole.

Here is the website translated by google.
The official announcement can be found here (if you read Chinese.)

Lekai is Lucky in chinese
In short, Kodak signed a 20yr relationship with Lucky 4 yrs ago to beat Fujifilm in China. Their goal was to hold 20% of the stocks of Lucky. since then they had purchased 13%. This news is saying they finished the last 7% and also they will sell the total 20% of the lucky stock to another investment company.

I don't know if it is a good news or not. A lot of people says this is a sign that Kodak is exiting the traditional market in the pace faster than people expected. On the other hand, to Lucky, since it has already gain the technology from Kodak (according to this news), they are going to become the rival to Kodak in CHinese market.....