Eddie. Is the big jug the 5 litre size? There are tremendous savings in this size compared to the 1 litre. If your throughput is reasonable then I'd have thought 5L is OK.

Can't speak for the U.S. but in the U.K. we get 3L wineboxes which have an inner silvered bag that holds the wine and collapses as you empty it. Once emptied the dispensing valve can be carefully prised out, the bag flushed and refilled with dev. Gently press on the bag until the dev comes to the top then press the dispenser back in and put it back into the box.

You now have a dev dispenser which cannot be harmed by air.

So if you have wine boxes in the U.S and better still if you have 5L wine boxes then it's all systems go.

Credit here goes to Murray Minchin for this idea. I think he is just across the 49th parallel and of course has the benefit of a large section of the population, the French Canadians who appreciate the need for wine in life. A great civilising influence.However you've got California who may provide the same civilising influence or at least the wine.

Best of luck