Have any of you guys heard of Clyde Butcher in S. Florida or any of the tests that Ctein has researched for Photo Techniques. Clyde Butcher makes enormous prints from 8x10 and larger negatives but printed them on RC paper because it's too hard to print big murals on Fiber. It's to easy to expose a 4 foot long print and then feed it into the roller transport black and white print processor. It's hard to process a 4 foot long print on fiber paper in trays or in large diameter tubes that some folks use. Fiber paper cannot be run through a roller transport machine like RC. Guess what, if you are able to charge $3000 for a print you better do it the right way. The right way usually isn't the easy way. All of his prints that he printed for years on RC need to be replaced, he won't call and tell you that the prints start silvering out. Only the people that complained because they new that prints aren't supposed to do this got replacements on fiber. Oh yeah, he wouldn't even replace them for free, he charged my friend about $700.00 to replace his 4 foot mural in fiber. It should have been free.

Ctein did extensive testing on the outgassing and problems of RC paper a couple of years ago in the above mentioned magazine. I'm sure there's tons of info on this on the web.

As far as image quality, it isn't even as good as fiber. Hold an RC print in glancing light and see all of the veiling that hides and obscures shadow detail. This does not happen with fiber.

RC is fine for proofing and figuring out what you need to do but for serious work it is not even an option.