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I think you are all wrong about it: Bergger will continue all its former products. But there will be slight modificatons due to european environment legislation.
If you go on Harman Technology Website, you'll see that they provide a film and paper coating line for customer. And Simon said that Ilford won't sell Ilford products to another brand for rebadging. So, Bergger products will be Berger products.
Sure, but there remains ample evidence from our handfull of posters with true knowledge of how these products are designed and manufactured (Fotohuis, PhotoEngineer, Fotoimpex) that the characteristics of the finished product are every bit as sensitive to the product's manufacturing process as the design of the product itself.

Fotoimpex has posted a particularly interesting story of how AgfaPhoto was forced to replace its emulsion "kettle" around 2004 and that the last batches of APX that were produced exhibited much more pronounced grain, different gradation, and a loss of film speed - despite no changes in the emulsion formulations themselves.

Ultimately, we will simply have to wait for these products to appear to judge them. In the meantime, I applaud both Ilford and Bergger for making a go of it..