?What if Jackson gave in to what was modern technology of his day (cellulose nitrate roll film was invented in 1881)? What would we think of him today if he went back with his new Brownie camera, dashed from viewpoint to viewpoint snapping off as many shots as he could, not hardly pausing to even look at where he's pointing the camera??

Certainly, lets ask what if? . This seems to be an assumption that Jackson was a careless shooter that was forcibly slowed down by his equipment, turning him into a good shooter ???? Do you have some evidence that his was his nature? How did you arrive at this conclusion?

Certainly, we are all limited by the equipment we shoot. Does anybody know how many times Jackson saw THE image while scouting, but had to settle for a lesser image because of the time it took to get his equipment on location and to get it set up? Maybe his images WOULD be much superior to the work he actually produced if he had had a Brownie instead of the monster view.

One would not argue that the latest technology in miniature cameras lends itself to a style of shooting as much as a 20X24 does the same. Surely most of us would agree that one could shoot a 35mm auto everything digital camera as selectively as an 11X14 view, if one wanted to. However, the miniature camera lends itself to changing lenses and perspectives quickly; possibly obtaining many views of the same subject in the same length of time it takes to shoot one sheet.

That being said, what this (well written) article really boils down to is an indictment of all the careless shooters?.......

?There are literally dozens of similar questions that should be asked by the photographer for every scene before the camera is even out of the bag. Will someone with a digital or automatic camera ask them? Not likely. Instead they'll bang off a few shots and see what it looks like then they get the prints back.?

Once again, this is an assumption, and a pretty far reaching one too. Why shouldn?t they ask these questions? If they are dedicated to producing powerful images, they will. The assumption by the author is of course that the 35mm auto everything guys are careless shooters.

From my point of view, a careless shooter will be so until he decides to be otherwise. The equipment used is irrelevant.