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I guess I'm always a bit suspicious of folks who say LOL all the time in their forum posts, but I've just had a genuine LOL moment when I came across this guy http://www.rhdesigns.co.uk/darkroom/...processor.html

I can see the attraction, but the price seems a bit scary. Maybe it's time for the offspring of an unholy alliance between the distinctly rotary Jobo CPE2 and the somewhat eccentric Paterson Orbital, but is the world ready???
This is crazy money as far as I am concerned but maybe if you were rich enough to not want to be bothered with hand inversion rotation and money was no object then this would suit the bill.

The owner of RH Designs is a 100% genuine guy who, it appears, is simply offering another company's product to the U.K. marketplace, at what I assume to be their( Heiland's) price plus a small mark-up for handling and distribution.

If it doesn't sell at this price and I doubt it will then it's probably no skin off his nose.

When you consider what his analyser pro does for well under half this price, it makes the price even more ridiculous but that's Heiland's lookout.

Have you checked out the Heiland price in euros? Does it equate with this price in sterling? I wonder if Robert Vonk from Fotohuis will comment?

The analogy for me is having a VCR( dev tank) which has buttons you press manually( hand inversion) and then someone offering the same equipment but which has a remote that is pressed once and does the rest. Makes it a great remote but not for 20 times the price of the VCR.

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