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Tim Rudman on Pyro:

The lowest known lethal dose of pyro was 28 mg/kg (Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances, 1985 - 86) on page 69 of his book "The Book of Pyro and the PMK Formula". Also, quoted in Anchell and Troop as the most dangerous chemical in the darkroom today.

Sorry, Argument from authority, argumentum ad verecundiam is a logical fallacy, because the validity of a claim does not necessarily follow from the credibility of the source.

Also, If one wants to avoid contact with hydroxybenzenes (like hydroquinone, catechcol and pyrogallol) avoid barbeque's, smoke from wood fires and especially avoid tobacco smoke. Also, avoid Coffee. Include Dektol and any other developers that contain hydroquinone in your avoidance list.