That really is quite bad - I always use nitrile gloves and am careful about dust - haven't had any problems being careful. PC-TEA and XTOL are mostly vitamin C - I guess the phenidone is a bit toxic - maybe less than metol though. Of course when compared with other household chemicals; ant spray, oven cleaner, paint stripper, certain cleaners and pharmaceutical items, pretty ordinary danger levels - after all, I do pump my own gas with MBTE in it. Now if we compared that with the chemicals in our food, dark room photography is probably safer than many of the things we do without much thought - like soda pop and manufactured foods - fast food and junk food - processed meat and cheese products. Really scary stuff. I do think it is a good idea to keep the paws out of the soup and don't breath chemical dust.

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Tim Rudman on Pyro:

The lowest known lethal dose of pyro was 28 mg/kg (Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances, 1985 - 86) on page 69 of his book "The Book of Pyro and the PMK Formula". Also, quoted in Anchell and Troop as the most dangerous chemical in the darkroom today.