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Ouch. To be honest - ignorant how I am - I already used a small amount of Kodak Rapid Selenium Toner in the kitchen sink and without gloves (about 200 ml) yesterday. Although I was extremely careful that nothing gets on my hands and nothing gets anywhere else but in the film tank and the beaker I am still a little bit worried now. I spilled the used dilution into the kitchen sink.

After reading all this I already cleaned the whole kitchen twice (using plain water with dish liquid). Is this enough or should I do something else? How likely is it that I harmed myself. Are there any symptoms to watch out for now? I read a garlic taste in the mouth would (be?) such a symptom?
Are you wearing Nitrile Gloves when you work with photo chemistry?

Here is a URL for a Photo Net selenium spill cleanup post: http://photo.net/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg?msg_id=007Yfk