It is that certain something in a fiber print that makes me use it. It is just not present in an RC print. I realize that first sentence is vague but I was never able to get a print on RC to look as good as it did on fiber. When I did exhibition prints of historic negs, at the darkroom I used to work in, the professor or writer or whoever wanted the prints done always specified RC paper. I would print two sets of the first neg. One on fiber and the other on RC. After seeing the prints they always went with the fiber for the rest of the prints. We made no money from these exhibitions so cost was not the issue.

As to curley PIA prints, dry them upside down on screens, stick them in the press and then right under a cold plate. It always seemed to work. Since I don't have a press anymore I just stack them under books for a couple of days works the same. AZO on the other hand is PIA and a real big one. I guess that is the nature of single weight papers though.

AA dried his test prints in a microwave to see drydown. It really works. Plus RC papers have drydown issues as well.