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there is a very good instruction on ilford website. That was the one I used when I first started. Check it out.
I too can strongly recommend the Ilford PDF.


It is well written and explains the process well. It is written for 35 mm but should be very easy to adapt to 120 MF film. The reel is the same if you are going to use plastic, you just have to "expand" it, or you will need separate 120 and 35 mm reels if going with stainless steel. I personally prefer stainless steel and would also strongly second the recommendation for Hewes reels in both 120 and 35 mm sizes. Expensive but definitely worth it. Be careful not to drop it (or if buying used) since they can be difficult to load if warped. Practice loading with an expired roll (or sacrifice a roll) first in light then with your eyes closed to get the feel for it. It is very easy.

Ilford's PDF discusses some of their films and chemicals initially but it is also transferable to whichever chemistry you use. Ilford and Kodak are obviously excellent, I can also highly recommend Sprint Systems. Their chemistry is easily available at least on the US east coast and is popular in many colleges.