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I wouldn't use one as i like the process of doing it by hand; however, perhaps the gentlemen who owns RHdisigns and is a business advertister here at APUG will be glad to give you a reason for the invention and price point.
Personally I don't have the need for one; but if you want to develop in a tank with inversions and for whatever reason have rather long develoment times (pushing or highly diluted rodinal), this one is handy. Esp. if time is money.

The inventor and manufacturer is, btw. not RH Designs, but Heiland Electronic from Germany. They are the manufacturer of the splitgrade module as well.

For the price - this is a new design and highly flexible. Everythin can be programmed and adjusted. Things like this need a lot of development, electronics, software and tools for the housing. This translates in a huge amount of money and time needed.
Since these guys do this for a living, the money has to come in via the sales price. The excellent support from them is for free.