I've been using Ilford Cooltone and love it and was distraught when I heard that it was being discontinued so soon. I've just developed my first prints in Tetental Eukobrom to see if it's an alternitive. The mid-tones are nice but the blacks don't go as deep and don't seem to strengthen as well in selenium. Looks like I'll have to keep looking. May try some Dokumol as suggested and see if that's any better.

The sad thing is that despite trying to support Ilford I seem to have ended up with a complete set of Tetenal chemicals - developer, stop and odourless fix (which I find nicer to use than the Ilford Rapid Fixer). And I'm using Neofin Blue for slower films so that just leaves DDX for certain films and, fortunately, the Ilford film itself. Given that I generally print on Foma paper, I'm not helping them much!